Antisemitism in Ukraine?

ukraineHysteria is sweeping the internet and Western media following reports that leaflets have been handed out in Donetsk in Ukraine. I admit that my jaw dropped when I saw the headline shared via a friend on facebook. The news chilled me to the bone as I continued to read through the article.

Supposedly the leaflet calls for all Jews to register (by first paying $50) with the authorities, and to declare all of their property. This is very reminiscent of the Nazi policies in the 1930s. John Kerry, US Secretary of State has deplored the act as ‘intolerable’ and ‘grotesque’ but has failed to blame anyone. Quite rightly so.

I saw who had published it: Fox News. I was hesitant to believe it so readily, and so did a bit of a search. I found a few sites that claimed to have the real story. Three or four men, wearing balaclava’s and carrying Russian flags handed out the leaflets outsideĀ  a synagogue. There are a couple of theories as to why this happened.

  1. These men were acting on instructions to actually gain the information of the Jewish community. This is the start of Holocaust 2.0 (as someone so nicely put it on one website). We must intervene.
  2. These men were pretending to be Pro-Russian’s who aimed to get the West involved through the shock and fear of ethnic cleansing.

Personally, I think number 2 is more likely. Especially having seen the media’s response today.

I genuinely hope that this has all been an elaborate hoax, and that there is no truth to it. If there is, then there really is a problem, and the world needs to think about what it is going to do. But before that, I hope the world waits, because being too hasty can lead to more problems.

And so, as the world waits, I’ll hold judgement.

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